Video of man playing with dog sparks reaction from girlfriend's followers

Video of man playing with dog sparks reaction from girlfriend’s followers

How our loved ones treat our furry friends is no joke. For some people, dogs are just animals, but for any true dog lover, they are part of the family. So it is important that our partners are aligned in this regard. In fact, many dog ​​lovers quickly end relationships and friendships because someone disrespects their dogs.

So when a girl posted a lighthearted video of her boyfriend playing with her dog on TikTok, her followers quickly became skeptical. Suddenly, she got a lot of negative comments, urging her to break up. But were they dramatic or not?

Dog wrapped in blanket
Image: Erica June Packard Facebook

A simple video

Erica Packard has dedicated TikTok and Instagram pages specifically to her dog Brick. She especially likes to dress him up in cute sweaters. She even lets him pick his favorite teams by laying down two jerseys and letting him smell the one he likes the most. But every now and then she mixes it up and puts something else in it.

One day she posted a video that her security cameras had captured. It only lasted a few seconds and it showed her friend and her dog in the yard. Her boyfriend is on deck while Brick appears to be waiting patiently for him to toss a toy. Instead of throwing the toy, he drops it on the chair and walks away. He mumbles a dirty word under his breath, which picks up the video. Looks like he’s referring to Brick when he says it.

“Cameras are a woman’s best friend,” Packard wrote in the caption.

Friend playing with dog
Image: Screenshot, @bricksmom/TikTok

While the inappropriate word was probably just a joke, many viewers didn’t see it that way. Soon there were hundreds of people commenting and urging Packard to break up with her boyfriend.

Everyone has an opinion

It seems that not one video should be able to determine one’s opinion about a person, but the people in the TikTok comments seem to disagree. Many dog ​​lovers saw the word as a red flag. Here are just some of those notes:

“You need a new man.”

“Let him go, he can’t treat your baby right.”

“Ha, no, if he doesn’t treat my dogs like his babies, THEN HE HAS TO GO.”

Family photo with dog
Image: Erica June Packard Facebook

But then others found those opinions a little too extreme and judgmental. Many supported the boyfriend and said he was probably just kidding. Plus, it’s impossible to know everything about him from one video taken out of context. So, here are some of those opinions:

“I’m pretty sure he wanted to play with the dog, but the dog didn’t come for the toys.”

“It’s a joke, you’re all mad at what?”

“Some of you don’t know what it feels like to try and give your dog love and attention and not phase it.”

Packard appreciated the concern, but she assured everyone that she and her boyfriend would be fine. She had no idea that such a simple video would get such mixed reactions. So, was the boyfriend rude to the dog or was he joking? It all seems a matter of perspective.

Watch the original video below:


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Featured Image: Screenshot @bricksmom/TikTok

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