Hero Cops smash window to rescue mom dog and her puppy from hot car

Hero Cops smash window to rescue mom dog and her puppy from hot car

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a mother dog and her puppy from the back seat of a hot car earlier this month.

Although the car was in a locked parking garage, the temperature outside was almost 96 degrees. A friendly guard noticed the dogs in distress and immediately called the police.

The car was parked in a parking lot in front of the Wild West gambling den – and the dog’s owner was presumably gambling.

Image: Screenshot via LVMPD/Facebook

When officers arrived, they saw the two dogs in the car gasping and panting. A sunroof and the rear windows were left a little open, but there was no circulation in the dry, stale air.

Since the dogs were in the back seat, one of the quick-thinking officers decided to smash the passenger-side window to retrieve them safely. Body camera footage shows the tired and panting dogs in the arms of another officer.

One of the dogs couldn’t stop wagging her tail when she realized she was finally rescued. After the daring rescue, the dogs were taken by patrol car to a local veterinary office where they were cared for. Fortunately, both dogs were unharmed in the incident.

Image: Screenshot via LVMPD/Facebook

“Recently, our officers have been forced to smash the windows of vehicles to rescue dogs in distress,” the department wrote on Facebook. “The heat in Las Vegas is deadly and the weather is too hot to leave animals and pets in cars. In two unrelated cases, we saved the lives of three poor puppers and arrested an owner.”

In Nevada, it is a crime to leave an animal unattended in a car “if conditions, including but not limited to extreme heat or cold, pose a significant risk to the health and safety of the pet.”

Across the country, 31 states have similar laws, differing in who can save the animals. Fifteen states allow anyone to rescue an animal in need, while in Nevada only public safety and animal control officers can do it on private property.

While it’s not clear whether the dog’s owner has been arrested, many on social media called for the dogs to be taken away.

“Oh my god – thank you so much Metro,” wrote one concerned person. “You were the chosen angels that day to save those babies. Please, please don’t let them go back to that horrible person.”

H/T: news week
Featured Image: Screenshot from LVMPD/Facebook

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